SIOC 216A Introduction to the Physics of Complex Systems

The study of complex systems is centrally focused on deciphering the ways in which the complicated interacts with the simple - the way a sand grain relates to a river, a tree relates to a forest, a worker relates to global capitalism, an indigenous clan relates to millennia of their culture.

In SIOC 216A, we will discuss the philosophical underpinnings of complexity and its implications, the conceptual and mathematical apparatus that has been developed (and continues to be developed) to deal with it, specific tools for probing different kinds of complex systems, modeling, measurement and data analysis strategies, and a framework for asking questions and answering them for any complex system.

Applications will include physical systems from canyons to climate, biological systems from flagella to forests, human systems from consciousness to culture, economic systems from stock markets to socialism, and political systems from colonialism to collectivism.

You will finish the course with a working knowledge of the concepts and methods used in the study of complex systems and how they have been and can be applied in the natural and social sciences.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me, the instructor: bt werner


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• SIOC 216A Starts Tuesday, January 7 @ 200PM in the Women's Center Conference Room (1/6/20)

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