CGS 101 Evaluation

INSTRUCTOR: I welcome constructive comments and suggestions about the class to better make it a space for productively working, learning and growing together. I will provide class time regularly to receive those suggestions. I will provide timely feedback.

STUDENTS: Active participation, doing the reading and completing assignments on time, as outlined below.

– Attendance, Participation and Group Activities – participation can be through spoken contributions during class, but students can also participate using written contributions before and during class. 20%
– Answer Questions About the Assigned Reading (Due Tuesday before class) – summarize briefly the content and briefly answer several questions about reading assignments for Weeks 2-9. 25%
– Analytical Follow Ups -- do additional reading/research/analysis to follow up on a point raised in class x 3 (600 words). Choose amongst Weeks 4-9, due the following Thursday at midnight. Critical Analysis // Imagine a Different History // Zine 25%
– Final Group Project – group written paper (due finals week) and group presentation (Week 10). Research and analyze a gender and globalization-related struggle using concepts and methods discussed in class. 600 words/person. Presentations are 15 minutes and can be power points, performance art, video, art pieces, rap, songs, graphic art, interviews, or other form approved by the instructor. 30%

A step-by-step instruction sheet for each of the assignments will be provided. All assignments must be completed to receive a passing grade.

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