CGS 101 Gender and Globalization

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Globalization is a process that creates, modifies, amplifies and severs economic, political and social links across the globe. Rooted in colonialism, fast-tracked by neoliberal capital's privatization and free trade discourses and spawning resistance ranging from individual acts to broad-based social movements, globalization disproportionately harms but also empowers Womxn, People of Color, Indigenous People, Disabled People, Trans and Queer Folk, Workers, and a vast array of other marginalized identities. Globalization influences the construction of gender and sexual identities, and has created landscapes of extreme inequality, environmental destruction and conflict. In CGS 101, we will combine sampling theoretical concepts to describe these gendered and racialized landscapes with a focus on case studies that highlight the interplay between the devastation left in the wake of globalization and the resistance against it.

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• Third Xtra Credit Opportunity: (1) Read the following article: Why the coronavirus presents a global political danger; (Note that you must not be in private viewing mode to view the article); Write an essay containing (a) Extensive summary of the argument chain and main points of the article; 1-2 paragraphs analyzing the spread of coronavirus using neoliberal, globalization and gender frameworks. Worth up to 5% of grade total.  Upload your Xtra Credit Assignment with the Follow Up Link and Title It XTRACREDIT-THREE[YOURNAME]. Important: PLEASE DO ONLY ONE XTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY

• Article on the femicide crisis in Mexico here (group 3 might find this useful...)

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• Third Xtra Credit Opportunity coming soon - this will be similar, except instead of an event you will have the opportunity to summarize and analyze an article. (NOTE: PLEASE DO ONLY ONE XTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY)

• Second Xtra Credit Event (NOTE: PLEASE DO ONLY ONE XTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY): From SARS to Coronavirus: China’s public health and governance crisis // Wed, March 11, 2020 // 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM PDT // The Great Hall // Yanzhong Huang, senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations, draws lessons from the 2003 SARS epidemic and analyzes China’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and its implications for domestic politics and international governance. Huang is also a professor at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations. His forthcoming book is titled “Toxic Politics China's Environmental Health Crisis and its Challenge to State Power” from Cambridge University Press. (1) Attend this event (2) Write an essay containing (a) a paragraph summarizing the content of Dr. Huang's presentation (pack it with facts!); (b) 1-2 paragraphs analyzing COVID-19 in China  using neoliberal, globalization and gender frameworks. Worth up to 5% of grade total.  Upload your Xtra Credit Assignment with the Follow Up Link and Title It XTRACREDIT-TWO[YOURNAME]

• CGS Event: Unsettled (Film Screening) Tuesday, March 10, 7-9p Digital Gym 2921 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104 ||| UNSETTLED reveals the untold stories of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers who have fled intense persecution from their home countries and who are resettling in the United States. As new leadership in America continues to demonize immigrants and drastically restrict the flow of refugees and asylum seekers into the U.S., UNSETTLED follows the stories of Subhi, a gay Syrian refugee, Cheyenne and Mari, a lesbian couple from Angola, and Junior, a gender non-conforming gay man from the Congo.

• Information about the UC COLA wildcat strike: 1 (UCSC strikers main web site) || 2 (UCSD COLA twitter feed) || 3 (UCSD COLA Instagram) || 4 (UCSC COLA twitter feed) || Frequently Asked Questions

• Xtra Credit Opportunity: (1) Attend the UCSD-COLA Teach-In at the Che Cafe, Wednesday March 4, 5PM; (2) Write an essay containing (a) a paragraph summarizing the content of the Teach-In (pack it with facts!); (b) 1-2 paragraphs analyzing the commodification of education using capitalist, neoliberal, globalization and gender frameworks. Worth up to 5% of grade total. At least one more opportunity will be offered if you can't make this one... Upload your Xtra Credit Assignment with the Follow Up Link and Title It XTRACREDIT-ONE[YOURNAME]

• Critical Race Theory analysis of Dr. Seuss' books here.

• On Tuesday, we will discuss the week 9 reading, discuss the COLA strike and review your final project groups' progress. we will also test your laptops' connection to the projector (for presentations in week 10). on Thursday, we will discuss COVID-19 and your groups will have time to work on final projects. Week 10 is devoted to final project presentations and course summary.

• Week 7 Follow-Ups are now due Sunday, March 1 @ midnight (that is, late Sunday evening). If you have submitted Follow Up #2 before getting feedback on Follow Up #1, e-mail me if you would like to submit a revised version based on the feedback. An extra credit opportunity will be available week 10 - more info and instructions will be posted soon.

• Final Group Project Worksheets are due Monday, February 24 at Midnight. Please submit the completed worksheet using the final group project upload link to the right. Only one member of the group should submit the completed worksheet. If your group can't make the Monday midnight deadline, please bring a printed copy of your completed worksheet to class on Tuesday. Any questions, let bt know and/or send a rep to Monday office hours 2-4pm @ Mandeville. Here is the final group project worksheet.

• Monday, February 17 is a university holiday, and so the regularly scheduled office hours are cancelled. instead, i will be at mandeville cafe on Tuesday, February 18, 1130am-1215pm. On Tuesday, you all will form into groups for the final project and discuss the week seven reading. if all goes well, on Thursday, we will carry out a simulation of the power dynamics of land grabbing and resistance against it. (02/14/20)

• TONIGHT! CGS Event:The UCSD CGS Program proudly presents its Community Series at the Digital Gym: “In the Kitchen” // Thursday, February 13 from 7-9p // Digital Gym // 2921 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104 // Join us as we break bread and share stories about the food we prepare and the communities we feed. Our friends from Mama’s Kitchen, City Heights Farmer’s Market, and United Women of East Africa share their relationship with recipes, cooking, and food accessibility. Dinner will be provided by Barakah and Bilal Catering. (02/13/20)

• Hey folx, I had a brief brain malfunction and forgot about your group organizing for a Zapatista solidarity action. Sorry about that! On Thursday, we will start with meetings with your week 4 group about planning for the action, and then we will meet in the group 5 groups about the reading. (02/03/20)

• You can upload your follow-ups in a similar way you upload the reading assignments. to start your upload, click on followup upload in the right column. as for reading assignments, the form will only accept pdf-s. if you prefer turning in your followups in person (for example, for the zine), please do so no later than the following Tuesday after the due date. let bt know if questions (02/03/20)

The coronavirus panic is turning the UK into a hostile environment for east Asians -- How does the topic of this article connect with gender and globalization? (1/28/20)

• Here are links to the three news articles for the XYZ Network interviews. Please read the articles for your assigned group and be ready to talk about them briefly with your group and then do the interviews on Tuesday. Critically Analyze World Events Using the Frameworks We Have Discussed - Capitalism, Neoliberalism, Globalization, Gender, Race and Intersectionality
'Effortless perfection' and neoliberalism at Duke (Groups 1+3) || What is really behind the crisis in Haiti? (Groups 2+4) || 'Modi is afraid': women take lead in India's citizenship protests (Groups 5+6) [if I got Groups 1+3 and 2+4 mixed up, let me know!] (1/23/20)

•Instructions for the analytical follow-up assignments are described here (pdf). (01/22/20)

• Photos of the three summaries from Tuesday can be downloaded here: croucherglobalization || delgagodstefanciccrt || crenshawtaylorintersectionality (01/22/20)

• Because of the Martin Luther King, Jr. University Holiday, there will be no office hours on Monday, January 19. To make up for those office hours, you can catch bt at Mandeville Cafe (check both outside and inside) on Tuesday, January 20 1130am-1210pm. The regular office hours on Tuesday 340-450pm also will occur on Tuesday. (01/18/20)

• If you haven't had a chance to turn in your reading assignment for week two, please do so asap. (01/18/20)

• The UCSD CGS Program proudly presents its Community Series at the Digital Gym: “Stitching Palestine: Film and Tatreez” -- Thursday, January 23, 2020, 7-9pm @ Digital Gym (2921 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92104 -- North Park) More info, click HERE.

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• To find the reading assignment template, go the cgs 101 web site and click on Assigned Reading. Below the listing and download links for the three articles by Fulcher, Harvey and Croucher, you will find the statement:
Reading Template Week 2  - Download in your preferred format: pdf || doc || odt || rtf
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